not so nice news from a friend

not so nice news from a friendIt feels so good to talk to a long time friend. But, our conversation should start with hi and hellos. And it did. But, in the middle he inserted the bad news.

This friend of mine went to Texas about two years ago. He married his long time girlfriend who resides in that place. However, not long ago he got into an accident while he was working. He lets that go, but during those times his family suffer from financial setbacks.

As he continues narrating his bad story, I thought about the Fort Worth Personal Injury Lawyers. There are lots of lawyers across the state of Texas superior client service and legal representation. These people can deliver high quality expert advice in a prompt, efficient manner. They can even provide initial consultations free of charge across the state at a time and place convenient to their clients.

So, I’ve been wondering why he did not approach any lawyers at all. Probably it is his fault that causes him to get hurt. But, I don’t want to tell that to him; he might hate me for life.


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